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Unable to add a Wireless Location Appliance(WLA) to a Wireless Control system(WCS)

Core Issue

Wireless Control System (WCS) will not recognize Wireless Location Appliance (WLA) if the Wireless Location Appliance is configured incorrectly.


In order to solve this issue:

  1. Verify that the location appliance is powered on (the power light stays on and does not flash).

  2. Make sure the WCS server can ping the location appliance.

  3. In the command line of the location appliance, ensure that the server process is running.

  4. When configuring WCS to communicate with the location appliance, the username, password, and port number should remain unaltered and in the default state.

  5. Make sure Time settings on both WCS and Location Appliance are synchronized.

  6. In  WCS  HTTPS should be disabled  until the Location Appliance is added and the software level can be checked and upgraded as needed.

Note: Upgrade the Location Server to the latest version , once the Location Server joins the

For more information, refer following URL:

Problem Type

Device cannot associate


Wireless Location Appliance

Wireless Control System

Wireless Network Management