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Unable to add new WLCs that run version 4.0.155 to a WCS that runs version 4.0.66.

Core Issue

This problem is due to Cisco bug ID CSCse75035, which also mentions that IP fragmentation prevents the access points (APs) that attempt to join in Local and Remote-Edge AP (REAP) mode.


Though this bug refers to access point it could be considered since bug is on WLC.Current version of Controller cant reassemble more than 2 fragmented ip packets.So if network between WCS and WLC has a small MTU such that the incoming IP packets had to be fragemented more than 2,  WLC might not  join WCS.This problem occurs if WLC runs version 3.X or Less.This is  fixed in the version 4.0 because it can re-assemble upto 4 packets.



    Also, it is important to make sure that the controller code and WCS software versions are at the same levels. For example:

      WLC version = WCS version

      WLC version = WCS version

An AP that runs old code, for example 3.2, cannot join a controller that runs 4.0 code if the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) is less than 1500. This is because specific code exists in order to handle a REAP connected to a controller with an MTU value of less than 1500. In the REAP case, it is always assumed that the MTU is less than 1000. This avoids re-fragmentation from the network as both the AP and the controller cannot handle more than two IP fragments. When the controller is upgraded to version 4.0.x.x, it sends the Join response with a larger MTU because it assumes that if the network re-fragments, the AP re-assembles. The AP still runs old code, so the issue occurs.

In order to fix this problem, take the AP version into account for the REAP case, and use a lower MTU until the AP joins the WLC. Then, upgrade the code.

Note: IP fragmentation prevents access points (AP) that attempt to join in Local and REAP mode 4.0. This problem is fixed in version

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Device cannot register


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Lightwieght Access Point Protocol (LWAPP)