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Unable to Import Auto Cad Files into WCS






Unable to Import Auto Cad Files into Wireless Control System (WCS)




When trying to import an Autocad file into WCS, getting the following error:


Unable to convert the auto-cad file. Reason: Error while loading the auto-cad image conversion library. (no Ax2008Dll in java.library.path). Please refer online or WCS documentation for more information.


Found  the following files are missing:








The documentation says to rectify the issue:  If there are any dependency issues, fix them by installing the required libraries for missing dependencies and then restart WCS.


But, for the life of me, I cannot find an installer that will fix this.  I have the latest




1.     Stop WCS Service.


2.     Under <WCS INSTALL DIR>/webnms/lib there should be 2 files as AxConverter.dll and AxConverter.lib2. Rename the files as



  • AxConverter.lib to Ax2008Dll.lib
  • AxConverter.dll to Ax2008Dll.dll



3.     Power cycle WCS server


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