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Upcoming LIVE Expert Webcast: 802.11 Frames: An In-Depth Overview, with George Stefanick

Please join us on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 10 a.m. PDT San Francisco (UTC -7 hours) for this live, interactive event. This corresponds to 1 p.m. EDT New York (UTC -4 hours), 6 p.m. London (BST UTC +1), or 7 p.m. Paris (CEST UTC +2).

During this live event, Wi-Fi subject matter expert George Stefanick will cover a number of advanced topics on the 802.11 protocol. George will walk you through the different types of 802.11 frames and their purpose. He will show how a packet turns into a frame; how that frame turns into bits; and, lastly, how the bits get modulated into the air.  

You have heard that Wi-Fi is half duplex, right? George will tackle the complex discussion of CSMA-CA. He will break down Layer 1 Carrier Sense and Layer 2 Network Allocation Vector, explaining how both work in concert to make sure of a lower probability that two or more stations will not transmit at the same time. He will also give a status of his all Wi-Fi office with Cisco 3700 802.11ac access points.

You just deployed Cisco 802.11ac access points, and you want to sniff frames? No problem. George will share his real-world experience sniffing 802.11ac frames with Wildpacket OmniPeek directly from Cisco 3700s.

If you design, deploy, or manage a Wi-Fi network, do not miss this session.


•  Management, control, and data frames

•  LLC, MAC, PLCP, PMD: Know the layers and what each layer does

•  CSMA-CA (Layer 1) Carrier Sense and (Layer 2) Network Allocation Vector

•  How to capture 802.11ac frames from a Cisco access point


Cisco Designated VIP George Stefanick is a wireless architect employed by Houston Methodist Hospital System. George manages a large and complex wireless network that includes more than 2500 access points and upward of 11,000 concurrent Wi-Fi clients. George has been in wireless communications since 1997 and holds various vendor and vendor-neutral certifications. He focuses on high-density indoor deployments in the healthcare vertical, thereby using his hands-on experience in site survey, RFID, and voice design. As a consultant, George has consulted with Fortune 500 companies using his real-world hands-on experience to meet the needs and challenges in today’s enterprise environments. George is a Cisco Support Community VIP 2012, 2013, and 2014 and Aruba MVP 2014.

Need more information? Have more questions? Our experts are available for the next two weeks to help at

We look forward to your participation.

This event is open to all, including partners.

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