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Upgrade software for an access point

Core Issue

You may need to upgrade software due to the following:

  • Corrupted image
  • Upgrading as a part of regular update process which is not recommended as the current version works fine.
  • Fixing the Bugs and errors in the previous version.


The documents that address managing your firmware and configurations describe how to:

  • update the firmware version on an access point.
  • distribute firmware to other access points.
  • distribute the access point's configuration to other access points.
  • download, upload, and reset the access point configuration.

The Managing Firmware and Configurations document for your particular platform can be found:

As an example refer to Release-notes section of Cisco 1100 series access point for downloading softwares. Go through the release-notes document for the corresponding access points. You can get this by navigating to  product document of each access point.

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Access point

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