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User receives the error messsage The Radios associated with Controller 'A.B.C.D' exceeded license count '36' on a wireless Lan controller (WLC).

Core Issue

The Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) displays this error message when the user attempts to add more Access Points (APs) to the WLC than the licensed number of APs.


An upgrade to the latest version of the WLC software  helps in resolving the issue.

Complete these steps to download WLC  software:

1.  Go to the Cisco homepage and log in.

2.  From the left-side column, select Technical Support & Documentation > Software Downloads.

3.  Click Wireless Software under the Software Products and Downloads column.

4.  The Wireless LAN Software page appears and displays the Wireless Management Software.

5.  Select your WLC platform from this selection and then select the latest  Wireless Lan Controller  software from the list and install it via TFTP onto the WLC.

For more information on the related error message, refer to System Messages.

Problem Type

Error message


Wireless LAN Controllers

IOS Errors, Warnings, Statistics and Log Messages

The Radios associated with Controller '[ip-address]' exceeded license count '[int]'