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What is a guest VLANs and how do you configure a guest VLAN?

Core Issue

Grant Internet access to visitors, and at the same time, stop guest traffic from going on to the network.


A Guest VLAN is a VLAN that allows guests to get in the network. You can extend VLANs into the wireless domain with Cisco Aironet wireless equipment. For example, employees and guests can access the wireless network of a company at the same time and be administratively separate. Guest Vlans can also be created in controller based environments. Refer Cisco Guest access.

A VLAN maps to Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs), and the wireless client attaches to the appropriate SSID. In networks with wireless bridges, you can pass multiple VLANs across the wireless link in order to provide connectivity to a VLAN from separate locations. For more information , Refer to Access Point Configuration section of Using VLANs with Cisco Aironet Wireless Equipment.

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AP 340, 350

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