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Wireless Lan Clients not able to get IP address from the DHCP server when connected to the dynamic interface of the wireless Lan Controller (WLC)

Core Issue

This  problem occurs if the WLAN controller and the DHCP server are on different subnets.This is because the Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) does not do routing and it depends on a Layer 3 device for routing. 


When you configure a DHCP server to assign IP address to the Wireless Lan Clients connected to the WLAN Controller , the DHCP server should be on the same subnet as the WLAN Controller . If the DHCP server is on a different subnet, then  either a router must be in place in order to route between the WLAN and the DHCP server or you can Configure the internal DHCP server on the controller witha scope for the WLAN .

For more information, refer to the DHCP Assignment section of Configuring Wireless LANs.

Problem Type

Associated but cannot pass any traffic


Wireless LAN Controllers

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