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Wireless Lan Controller 526 and Guest WLAN from another port?



I have Wireless Lan Controller with 2 ports. Port 1 is used for management and it is in company network. I want to share guest-wlan from port 2, which is connected to guest-vlan. I can't make trunk port to WLC, because of license in ASA. Is it possible to make configuration like this? When I try to make interface with VLAN 0, I get error message like "VLAN Id :0: is an invalid value. Valid range is 2 <> 4094. Make the necessary corrections and try again. And if I look up help, there is line which says "VLAN Id—Enter the VLAN identifier for this new interface, or 0 for an untagged VLAN."

Here is network toplogy if it helps to understand what I mean.


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