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Wireless Location Server 2700 loses synchronization with Wireless Control System (WCS)

Core Issue

You can lose synchronization between LOC and WCS after the upgrade to version Some LOC server services stop responding.

The symptoms are seen when checking the LOC server status using one of these commands:

  • /opt/locserver/bin/getserverinfo

  • /etc/init.d/locservercd status

  • /etc/init.d/locserverd stop

  • /etc/init.d/locserverd start

You might receive an error message indicating that the LOC server service is still running.


To re-establish the synchronization between the LOC and WCS perform these steps:

  1. Manually kill all LOC server service by first identifying any LOC server service using ps -ef.

  2. Kill the service using kill -9             .

  3. Un-install the existing installation of the LOC server using opt/locserver/uninstall/uninstall .

  4. Re-install the LOC server using /opt/installers/AIR-LOC2700-L-K9-2-0-42-0.bin.

  5. Remove the old LOC entry after the installation from the WCS, then re-add the entry.

For more information on synchronizing the location server and WCS, refer to Synchronizing Cisco WCS and Location Servers section of Cisco Location Appliance Configuration Guide

Problem Type

No connectivity


Wireless Location Appliance

Wireless Control System