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WLC Config Analyzer - How to Load a File

Load File


  • The application works either with the output from "sh run-config" for unified wireless lan controllers (2500/wism/5500, etc) or "sh tech and sh tech wireless" for converged controllers (5760/3850, etc) in same file per controller
    You can either have several controllers from the same mobility group in a single file, or load one by one.
  • To load a file, select File\Open, or click the "folder" icon on the left of the application. you can select multiple files at same time, they all will be processed.
  • The program will be present several "Audit" checks. Each one of them uses a different set of validations, depending on the devices present in your network. There are general checks which are always done (interfaces, mobility, RF, AP checks, etc)
  • After the audit check has been selected, the program will show a file open dialog to select the file. The default location is the root system disk, and this can be changed in "Settings\Application Settings" menu