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Workgroup bridge will not associate to another workgroup bridge




    With which devices can a Workgroup Bridge associate

    Core Issue

    Making two workgroup bridges associate with each other.


    Workgroup bridges will not associate with each other. Workgroup bridges only associate with the following devices:

    • Workgroup bridge to access point (AP)
    • Workgroup bridge to bridge (in AP mode)
    • Workgroup bridge to base station (in AP mode)
    • Workgroup bridge to access point in repeater mode (if the repeater is associated with a "root" access point)

    Common WGB Association FAQ

    Q. What is a Workgroup Bridge?

    A. A Workgroup Bridge (WGB) is a small stand-alone unit that can provide a wireless infrastructure connection for Ethernet-enabled devices. Devices that do not have a wireless client adapter in order to connect to the wireless network can be connected to the WGB through the Ethernet port. The WGB associates to the root AP through the wireless interface. In this way, wired clients get access to the wireless network. The WGB connects to a hub through a standard Ethernet port that uses a 10-Base-T connector.

    Q. Can wireless clients associate to the Workgroup Bridge?

    A. No, the Workgroup Bridge is itself a wireless client. It is used in order to attach wired clients to the wireless backbone.

    Q. I am unable to access Workgroup Bridges associated with access point. Why?

    A. When a Workgroup Bridge (WGB34x or WGB352) is associated to an access point, you cannot access the WGB console menus or ping the WGB from a station on the wired LAN connected to the Ethernet port of the access point. But, you can access the WGB from any client device connected to the WGB Ethernet port and from any client device associated to the access point that is associated to the WGB. Radio traffic between the access point and the WGB is not affected.

    Q. How many WGB can associate to a single AP?

    A. When the AP treats WGB as a client device, which occurs by default, the minimum 20 WGB can associate to an AP.

    Q. How can I tell if my Workgroup Bridge is associated?

    A. There are three different methods you can use in order to tell whether your Workgroup Bridge is associated:

    • Check the system LED on the top panel. If it is solid green, the Workgroup Bridge is associated.
    • Make a Telnet connection to your Workgroup Bridge. Choose Main > Association > Display from the menu.
    • Check the association table of your Access Point (AP) or your bridge in AP mode in order to see if the Workgroup Bridge shows up under Repeaters.

    Q. Can a Workgroup Bridge be used in an outdoor (building-to-building) scenario, as a bridge?AYes. Remember that the Workgroup Bridge is treated like a wireless client. It cannot associate to another Workgroup Bridge. Distance is limited to about one mile under ideal circumstances (line of sight, antennas, and so forth) when it connects to an AP.

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    Device cannot associate


    Workgroup bridges


    Cisco Aironet Workgroup Bridge FAQ