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Webcast Video: 802.11 Frames: An In-Depth Overview with Cisco VIP, George Stefanick

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During this live event, Wi-Fi subject matter expert George Stefanick will cover a number of advanced topics on the 802.11 protocol. George will walk you through the different types of 802.11 frames and their purpose. He will show how a packet turns into a frame; how that frame turns into bits; and, lastly, how the bits get modulated into the air.

You have heard that Wi-Fi is half duplex, right? George will tackle the complex discussion of CSMA-CA. He will break down Layer 1 Carrier Sense and Layer 2 Network Allocation Vector, explaining how both work in concert to make sure of a lower probability that two or more stations will not transmit at the same time. He will also give a status of his all Wi-Fi office with Cisco 3700 802.11ac access points.

You just deployed Cisco 802.11ac access points, and you want to sniff frames? No problem. George will share his real-world experience sniffing 802.11ac frames with Wildpacket OmniPeek directly from Cisco 3700s.


•  Management, control, and data frames

•  LLC, MAC, PLCP, PMD: Know the layers and what each layer does

•  CSMA-CA (Layer 1) Carrier Sense and (Layer 2) Network Allocation Vector

•  How to capture 802.11ac frames from a Cisco access point


George Stefanick is a wireless architect employed by Houston Methodist Hospital System. George manages a large and complex wireless network that includes more than 2500 access points and upward of 11,000 concurrent Wi-Fi clients. George has been in wireless communications since 1997 and holds various vendor and vendor-neutral certifications. He focuses on high-density indoor deployments in the healthcare vertical, thereby using his hands-on experience in site survey, RFID, and voice design. As a consultant, George has consulted with Fortune 500 companies using his real-world hands-on experience to meet the needs and challenges in today’s enterprise environments. George is a Cisco Support Community VIP 2012, 2013, and 2014 and Aruba MVP 2014.

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Is the Video still available?  it wont load for me...

Hi Roman,


Yes I just tried and its working my friend .. Not sure why its not on your end .. :/

Hello - I am on Firefox and it loads for me as well -- can you tell us what browser you may be using?

hi thank you for checking.  i have tried multiple browsers and yes Firefox also no luck.  i guess i will give it a try with a different PC.

New Member

Hi George & Team


Excellent video detailing these complex subjects in an understandable and enjoyable format.


Also, very refreshing to hear how close to the 'ground' you are with real world issues.  I appreciated the honest and frank discussions relative to design and troubleshooting.  

... When is the next one ...come on Cisco, sign him up!

Many Thanks


John Mc