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iPad Mini Roaming Between 3602 AP

A company with 460 Cisco Access Points is using iPad Mini's to control lighting and other things, the iPad Mini's are roaming between access points VERY SLOW, they are dropping 45-50 packets between roams. iPad 2's and iPhone's are roaming just fine, if they drop any packets it's a max of 5.

Is there any differance in the NIC's that are in iPad 2's and iPad Mini's? Or is there a setting for fast roaming?

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Re: iPad Mini Roaming Between 3602 AP

Hello Reid

Did you find any cause for the iPad mini poor roaming? I have a similar issue and also a problem with the ipad mini disconnecting when other devices are maintaining solid connection ( iPad 1 and iPhones a ok)


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iPad Mini Roaming Between 3602 AP


You need to provide more information as we don't know where the problem is.

The decision to which AP to join has got nothing to do with the AP or your network.  The decision to join which AP relies solely on the wireless client itself.

For Apple products, either use only of the the two:  WPA or WPA2.  Do not enable both and hope that the wireless client will choose because Apple products DON'T like to choose.

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iPad Mini Roaming Between 3602 AP

Hi Reid,

Look at this table  check the Ipad Mini software and compare with the other's.