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Multiple Directional Antennas

I'm working the wireless on our production floor and was wondering limitations with multiple directional antennas.

We have a a fairly open area, outside of production equipment, but have a dividing wall approximately 1/3 of the way. We currently have a Cisco 1200 AP on the dividing wall with a diversity ceiling mounted antenna on the ceiling next to the wall. The issue we're having is with coverage in all areas of the plant. Someone suggested switching out the one diversity antenna for two directional wall mounted ones and mounting them about 10 - 12' high (ceiling is around 24') on opposite sides of the dividing wall to provide covereage to the plant.

All the research I've done online is saying that diversity antennas are not designed to cover different cells but the same cell; is it possible to configure an AP to manage two directional antennas pointed in opposite directions? Is it possible to cover the whole area with one AP, assuming that I have sufficient gain; or will I need at least two because of the wall? The plant is approximately 376' long (with the dividing wall about 1/3 of the way down) by 163' wide.