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Wireless signal problem

So, I have a site in a heavily congested wireless area - up to 40 different signals at the same time. So we are using A signals. There is an entrance where the car jockeys stand - they use a 7921 mobile and are constantly having signal issues.

We tried them on a 7925 but the signal was worse.

We had a 1242 in the reception area, and another one as close to the outside area as possible - however it still didn't fix the problem. So we upgraded the AP in reception to a 1262, but the drivers still complain about losing signal.

I think the metalwork around the doorway kills the signal from the 1262 - there are massive interruptions in service as you walk through the doorway. Also I believe they've used some sort of metallic paint on the inside of the building.

Short of giving up I'd like to try one more thing.

Is there such a thing as an external aerial that I can fit to the outside of the building? There is a fancy box which displays a menu and it's a perfect position to fit a thin aerial inside.

Can anyone recommend me a product for this please?

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