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12000 XR Help

I have confussion.I want to learn about IOS-XR and want to buy a router that runs it. I read documentation that 12000 XR router and run XR software. My question is that does 12000 come in 2 flavors, 12000 and 12000 XR? which one should i get?

also when I look at the download center, i do not see any place where it says download code for 12000 XR, but i see a place where it days download XR software, but the file name has CRS-1 in it. can the same XR code run on 12000 XR as well.


Re: 12000 XR Help

HI Parwal, [Pls Rate if HELPS]

In the download Center, you will be able to see two Software Files for XR.

1. Cisco IOS XR IP/MPLS Core Software

2. Cisco IOS XR IP/MPLS Core Software 3DES (includes 3DES Feature support for Security)

As before in IOS, there are no Multiple flavours available in XR Code.

There are 2" file extensions as below:


>> The above extension file formats are used to move from one streamline to other. Like, currently if you are using 3.5.1 and if you wish to move for 3.6.1 means the .vm files are required to be downloaded. Note: .vm files can be uploaded only via the ROMmon Mode.


>> The above extension file formats are used to install packages that support various features like MPLS, Multicast & Others. Starting from XR code, Cisco release the .pie files that can be installed in the Cisco Routers based on the feature that required for the Business. This .pie files can be installed instantly.


>> The above type of packages are relased for Bug Fix. The Patches can be applied instantly that requires NO restart.

Hope i am Informative.


Best Regards,

Guru Prasad R

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Re: 12000 XR Help

We had recently purchased XR chassis but we are continuing to run IOS 12.0 on the PRP's. I would be interested to hear of engineers experience of the IOS XR software. Did they have a good experience of converting from IOS to IOS XR.

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