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ASR9000 DDTS Fixed-in (?)

Hi all

Can anyone explain how to make sense of the fixed-in releases listed in the bug tool?

Specifically, I am looking at a DDTS (CSCum08957) which is listed as "known fixed" in

Well, I run 5.1.2, and an "admin show ver" gives me:


asr9k-base, V 5.1.2[Default], Cisco Systems, at disk0:asr9k-base-5.1.2


So, does that mean that I'm in the clear? - I guess not...

I can't find any SMU regarding the specific DDTS. Is the only way forward repropducing the effect of the bug, and then opening af SR with TAC?

In short: What do these sub-releases (12i in this case) actually mean?



Cisco Employee

Hi Mikkel, After the minor

Hi Mikkel,


After the minor revision number if you see a number and an I that basically means a pre-FCS image.

Once we have the final image ready to go we do a re-build of the image and post to CCO. For this DDTS it means that the fix is in the 5.1.2 and 5.2.0 CCO release you are able to download. You will often see two releases in the 'known fixed' field as we have multiple code trains that are active (5.2.x and 5.1.x currently).




Community Member

Hi Sam, How can I

Hi Sam,


How can I differentiate between a fix in FCS or as an SMU? Can you see that somehow?




Cisco Employee

Hi Florian, We do not show

Hi Florian,


We do not show SMUs in the bug toolkit.

I'm sure that there is some good reason for this from years ago, let me talk with Xander and see if he recalls why we don't do that.




Cisco Employee

hey franjo,sam and I

hey franjo,

sam and I discussed the option of having the bug toolkit showing that a particular ddts is available in smu X for release Y. the request has been filed, check in with either one of us to track the progress on that or what the outocme of that will be.

For sure the CSM (cisco sw manager) will help with the available smu's, but it would be great to have that info shown in the BTK also!

working on something :)



Xander Thuijs CCIE #6775 Principal Engineer ASR9000, CRS, NCS6000 & IOS-XR
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