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BFD Over Bundle (BoB) is proprietary, close to proposed standard ?



Commonly in XR networks, reliability is very critical (always). Reliability needs to be high and convergence needs to be fast. There are several ways of detecting network failure
but not all of them scale. There are mainly four components of routing convergence:

 - Failure detection

 - Failure propagation (flooding)

 - Topology/Routing recalculation

 - Update of the routing and forwarding table (RIB and FIB)


With modern XR networking equipment and CPUs it’s actually the first one that takes most time and not the flooding or recalculation of the topology. Failure can be detected at different level of the OSI model. It can be layer 1, 2 or 3. When designing the network it’s important to look at complexity and cost vs the convergence gain. A more complex solution could increase the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) but also increase the Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) leading to a lower reliability in the end. The IOS XR has a great feature called BFD Over Bundle (BoB).

The developers and maintainers (BU team) of IOS XR have any intention or there is some tendency of the BU XR insert a BOF or WG to make the BoB a common standard within the IETF for Async + Echo / Ethernet and POS bundles?



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