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New Member

Power supply Issue in Cisco ASR 9010

Somebody please explain below:

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:xxxx#admin show environment power-supply

Wed Feb 12 22:17:10.864

R/S/I   Modules Sensor          Watts           Status

Power Shelves Type: DC

Total Power Capacity:                              0W

Usable Power Capacity:                             0W

Supply Failure Protected Capacity:                 0W

Feed Failure Protected Capacity:                   0W

Worst Case Power Used:                          1490W

Slot                                                      Max Watts

----                                                      ---------

0/RSP0/CPU0                                                     250  (default)

0/RSP1/CPU0                                                     250  (default)

0/FT0/SP                                                        495  (default)

0/FT1/SP                                                        495  (default)

Worst Case Power Deficit:               1490W

Supply Protected Capacity Available:    Not Protected

Feed Protected Capacity Available:      Not Protected

I  have connected power in Cisco ASR 9010 ( only one power module is  powered up). The ASR9k box is up and functioning ( although it is not  taking all  line-cards due to power issue). I am not seeing the power  module in above output and even Total power capacity is zero? Is it a  hardware issue?

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