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QoS Problem in Cisco ASR1013

I am working in a IIG ( International Internet Gateway ) company and several ISP and WiMax provider are connected with us. Recently we have connect a  ISP whos bandwidth is 1.3 Gbps and they have own /22 IP block. Due to some problem, they cannot manage bandwidth in their side and currently they have distribute their total bandwidth in different IP block such as in IP block 103.242.216.x has bandwidth load 400 Mbps, in

IP block 103.242.218.x has bandwidth load 250 Mbps. Cutomer is connected us via BGP and now they want to shape their bandwith in our router. For that reason I have confiugred QoS in the following way but it is not working:

ip access-list extended user1-acl

permit ip any

permit ip any

class-map match-all user1-acl-child

match access-group name user1-acl

policy-map ANGEL-Main

class user1-acl-child

shape average 100000000

class class-default

shape average 200000000

interfaec tenx/x/x

ip add x.x.x.x y.y.y.y

service-policy output ANGEL-Main



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QoS Problem in Cisco ASR1013

Hi Shuvo,

you currently "hit" the XR OS and platforms, and the ASR1000 is a different beast running IOS-XE with different hardware forwarders (CPP), so it might be best to check in on the other forums for the a1k also.

But looking at the config and knowing CPP, I dont think this config will work, because you have shapers defined in the classes.

If they are L2 schedulers, they need to be of the "bandwidth" kind to shape the traffic.

Shape can be used at L1 (parent level) to shape the overal BW and provide that "Bakcpressure" to trigger the child class shaping executed with the bandwidth command.

So my suggestion is to either apply a parent shaper in the class-default and underneath that class-default provide the child policy with the bandwidth shaped classes,

or leave this policy "flat" but move this to either a policer or bandwidth configuration.



Xander Thuijs CCIE #6775
Principal Engineer 
ASR9000, CRS, NCS6000 & IOS-XR

Xander Thuijs CCIE #6775 Principal Engineer ASR9000, CRS, NCS6000 & IOS-XR
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