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Question on SDR

Hi guys,

On the ASA device , we can create contexts in multiple mode and login into each context by using "changeto context <contextname> " command to get the running config.

Similarly Is there any way to login into non-owner sdr or named sdr from Owner (admin) sdr  to get running config of the named sdr

Is ip address is mandatory to login into named sdr ? what if ip address is not configured  on the named sdr.


Sai Kishore.

Cisco Employee

Question on SDR

Hello Saikishore,

SDR is independent/isolated physical routing instances.

DRP has its own Mgmt Ethernet, Auxiliary and console ports. You’d need to use a console to configure it for a firt time as you'd do with a router.



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Question on SDR

hi Alexei

Here is the Cisco IOS XR Management Configuration mentioned that Ability to log into non-SDR using admin plan authentication, so if i'm in admin mode, how can I access into non-SDR from here instead of telnet into it.

Thanks, Mike

The root-system user has the following privileges:

  • Access to administration EXEC and administration configuration commands.
  • Ability to create and delete non-owner SDRs.
  • Ability to assign nodes (RPs, distributed route processors [DRPs], and line cards) to SDRs.
  • Ability to create other users with similar or lower privileges.
  • Complete authority over the chassis.
  • Ability to log in to non-owner SDRs using admin plane authentication. Admin plane authentication allows the root-system user to log in to a non-owner SDR regardless of the configuration set by the root-lr user.
  • Ability to install and activate software packages for all SDRs or for a specific SDR .
  • Ability to view the following admin plane events (owner SDR logging system only):
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Question on SDR

Hi Mike,

I have never heard of a command to configure a non-owner SDR like that, but I went to double check and here is what the documentation says.

"Administration modes cannot be used to configure the features             within a non-owner SDR, or view the router configuration for a non-owner SDR.             After the SDR is created, users must log into the non-owner SDR directly to             change the local configuration and manage the SDR."



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Question on SDR

Hi Samuel,

Since there  is no command to login/configure non-owner SDR , is there any way to know the management ip of the non-owner SDR from owner SDR configuration.

My intention here is get the running/startup config of non-owner  from owner sdr (parent device)

Let me know if there is any procedure by which we can do this.

Thanks alot,

Sai Kishore

Cisco Employee

Question on SDR

Hi Sai Kishore,

The non-owner SDR holds a seperate configuration, AAA config, admin config, etc. The only way for the owner SDR to see a non-owner is to go into admin mode and do commands there (such as show platform), as well as configuring the SDR from admin-config. However, all interface commands are limited to being started from config mode.

You will have to console into the non-owner SDR to set it up for the first time as Alex mentioned. You can setup the usernames and passwords from the owner SDR, but beyond that everything is controlled by the individual SDR such as VTY settings, MgmtEth interfaces, etc.



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