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upgrading ASR900


I am doing redundancy tests in a ASR 9000 series router. I have two RSP440 cards in the router one actins as active and the other as standby.

My first question is if it is possible to upgrade the standby card and then do a “redundancy switchover” without reboot the router?

I am also trying Non Stop Routing feature while I do a “redundancy swithover”. I have applied the following configuration and the NSR seems to work fine.

Top level

nsr process-failures switchover


router bgp 65101



mpls ldp


We are running IS-IS as IGP protocol but I did not find the NSR oprion but NSF ( Non stop forwarding??). I am not sure what to configure to enable Non Stop Routing for IS-IS.

RP/0/RSP1/CPU0:ios(config-isis)#nsf ?

  cisco              Cisco Proprietary NSF restart

  ietf               IETF NSF restart

  interface-expires  # of times T1 can expire waiting for the restart ACK

  interface-timer    Timer used to wait for a restart ACK (seconds)

  lifetime           Maximum route lifetime following restart (seconds)

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upgrading ASR900


Unfortunately this will not work as we do not support installing packages on a single node. While it is technically possible to do this we do not officially support this kind of install; especially not for RSPs.

Lets say you did go ahead and install to the standby RSP and that it did go through the activation process without throwing errors or re-syncing to the active:

  • When the standby card reloads due to the activation process it will send a boot request to the active RSP and then sync over the v1 files.
  • Lets say when the standby card reloads you physically take out the active RSP. Then yes the standby would boot up with the v2 code but all the LCs would go down. After this the previously active RSP would send a boot request and get the v2 packages.
  • Because of having to reload during the upgrade you would not be able to do a redundancy switchover as they would not be synced/ready for a switchover

We do have a few versions that now support ISSU as well as ISSU SMUs and we will see more ISSU in the future. Right now we do support 4.3.0 to 4.3.1 ISSU upgrade with SMU Pack 2 for 4.3.0



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upgrading ASR900

As for NSR/NSF, you are right.

Under IS-IS the NSF is what you need.

And for the upgrade, its really depend of what version to what version you trying to reach.

Sometimes Turbo-Boot is was faster then the regular way (less downtime)

Turbo-Boot takes 45-60 min for 9010 full of cards (doesnt matter if 440 or 4G)


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