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Hi everyone,

Have there been any SMU's released for XRv 5.1.1?  I tried downloading and installing a SMU with regular ASR9K SMU's, but it complains:

RP/0/0/CPU0:XRv1(admin)#install add tar disk0:asr9k-px-5.1.1.CSCun21356.tar
Thu Apr 10 17:15:33.585 UTC
Install operation 6 '(admin) install add tar
/disk0:asr9k-px-5.1.1.CSCun21356.tar' started by user 'cisco' via CLI at
17:15:33 UTC Thu Apr 10 2014.
Info:     The following files were extracted from the tar file
Info:     '/disk0:asr9k-px-5.1.1.CSCun21356.tar' and will be added to the
Info:     entire router:
Info:         asr9k-px-5.1.1.CSCun21356.pie
Info:         asr9k-px-5.1.1.CSCun21356.txt (skipped - not a pie)
- 1% complete: The operation can no longer be aborted (ctrl-c for options)RP/0/0/CPU0:Apr 10 17:15:51.264 : instdir[230]: %INSTALL-INSTMGR-4-INSTALL_OPERATION_WARNING : A warning occurred during install operation 6. See 's ow install log 6 detail' for more information.
Warning:  Some packages to be added in this operation are for other platforms.
Warning:  Only packages for IOS XRv platform can be added to install inventory.
Warning:  Following packages will NOT be added in this install operation.
Warning:      Package                                      Platform
Warning:      asr9k-px-5.1.1.CSCun21356-1.0.0              ASR9k
Error:    Cannot proceed as there are no packages to be added for this install
Error:    operation.
Install operation 6 failed at 17:15:51 UTC Thu Apr 10 2014.

It sure acts like a real XR router which is a good thing.  Even if there were some dummy SMU's that would be cool.  I need to apply some SMU's to my real ASR9k, and XRv would be perfect to practice on.





Cisco Employee

Hi Tim,     Unfortunately I

Hi Tim,


    Unfortunately I don't know this answer, but just as a heads up (if you don;t know it yet) you can test the installation without actually doing it with the command "install activate {pie name and location} test".

Cisco Employee

XRv needs its own SMU created

XRv needs its own SMU created for XRv, the system won't let you install ASR9k's SMU. Currently, i don't see SMU in 5.1.1 for XRv, unfortunately.


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