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dougtraser commented on ASA 5520 - VPN Site to Site in VPN 4 years ago

Hi Seb,A Site to Site VPN is different thana Remote Access VPN. If you are using the wizards in...

dougtraser commented on ASA 5520 - VPN Site to Site in VPN 5 years ago

Hi Seb,The Pre Shard Key (PSK) is a mutual password of sort defined by you and used in the tunnel...

dougtraser commented on Iphone to ASA vpn with certificates error in VPN 5 years ago

We ran into this all the time too and never really got the iPhone / iPad working using certificates...

dougtraser commented on Site to site ipsec vpn with dynamic ip on one end?? in VPN 5 years ago

Hi Sihanu,You probably could get a good start by taking a look at this document.

dougtraser commented on Firewall Backup & restore in Firewalling 6 years ago

You should be able to use the copy command and copy from your startup-config to a TFTP server.FW#...

dougtraser commented on Network EAP and MS RADIUS / CA in Security and Network Management 10 years ago has great information for configuring Access Points for client connectivity....


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