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dschuckman1 commented on CUBE Transformation pattern help in IP Telephony 5 years ago

Use Route Patterns in CUCM.You should be able to identify the specific numbers that will need to be...

dschuckman1 commented on IPS modules in Cisco ASA 5510 Active/Standby pair. in Firewalling 5 years ago

Thanks for the response, I thought that was the case, but it never hurts to ask. What about the...

dschuckman1 commented on acls on firewall asa in LAN, Switching and Routing 7 years ago

No you can use an IP ACL and permit FTP.. Can you paste you attach your config?

dschuckman1 commented on ASA 5505/SSH Times out in VPN 7 years ago

The next thing I would look at is are you accessing the ASA from inside or outside and have you...

dschuckman1 commented on Differrent Anyconnect access interface in Remote Access 7 years ago

Rick,I do not believe that this response is totally correct. While you can enable the clustering...


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