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etijburg has commented on EEM / IP SLA to shutdown lossy high RTT BGP neighbor

1 year 2 months ago
Understood on the limitations of this.  Even with that limitation it will...

etijburg has commented on EEM / IP SLA to shutdown lossy high RTT BGP neighbor

1 year 2 months ago
Did this work?  I'd like to implement this same solution but wanted to...

etijburg has commented on 3DES/AES licence for ASA5520

1 year 10 months ago
Go to this site and put the Serial of your ASA in.  It will email the...

etijburg has created WLC 5508 Syslog send to custom port

1 year 11 months ago
We have added Splunk to a monitoring systems and I would like to send my wlc...

etijburg has commented on Using Both NICs in a VSM server

4 years 2 weeks ago
I am having an issue getting the MRTG service to start.  Where are the MRTG...

etijburg has commented on Cisco VSM Software Assistant - 6.3.2

4 years 3 weeks ago
There is a bug with this script.  If you are upgrading a server that has VSMS...

etijburg has created BWT Pages not showing up on VSMC for 6.3.1 servers.

4 years 1 month ago
    I have a customer that has 8 Media servers and the BWT Pages link is not...

etijburg has commented on Cisco IP phone + Cisco Surveillance system hardware requirements

4 years 1 month ago
My understanding is that the current IP Phones from Cisco do not have the...

etijburg has created VSM 6.3 API

4 years 1 month ago
Does anyone know where I can find the API documentation for Cisco VSM 6.3?

etijburg has commented on Cisco VSM 6.3 support for axis camera

4 years 1 month ago
This is correct. They will write drivers for unsupported cameras if the deal...

etijburg has commented on CIVS-IPC-2421

4 years 1 month ago
I know there was a batch of 2400 made last year that were bad.  These could be...

etijburg has created VSM 6.3.2 Released

4 years 2 months ago
Well it looks like 6.3.2 has been released.  I am downloading as I type this...

etijburg has commented on Cisco VSM Software Assistant - 6.3.1

4 years 2 months ago
Now that we have 6.3.2 out.  Do you have an ETA on a beta version of the...

etijburg has commented on Cisco VSM Software Assistant - 6.3.1

4 years 2 months ago
Using this script we are having an issue installing VSES.  If we pick the...

etijburg has commented on VSOM Health Dashboard Icon MySQL fix

4 years 4 months ago
Can you provide the symtoms that this fixed?

etijburg has commented on CPAM 1.2 to 1.3 Uprade Stuck

4 years 4 months ago
I saw this yesterday.  I was upgrading two systems.  Both just outof the box...


Erik Tijburg is a highly experienced individual with skills in many facets of information technology, business, corporate training, and complex problem solving. Erik’s experience includes years devoted to the technologies and infrastructure around wireless networking, physical security and the evolution of network centric solutions, as well as complex systems and application integration. He has designed and implemented countless video security and wireless backhaul systems for organizations ranging from government agencies to corporate enterprises. Erik has extensive experience fixed and mobile wireless network design and implementation, including wide area Mesh networks and Licensed Microwave systems.

Professional Accomplishments
Sology Solutions
• Responsible for the system design of small to large scale physical security projects
• Manage implementation projects
• Support of active physical security systems
• Analyze and recommend specialized system integrations
• Train customers and business owners on development and utilization of physical security implementations

RedMoon Inc.
• Preformed all pre and post sales engineering and system implementations
• Implemented Cisco networking utilizing Cisco 7200, 3600, 2600, 1700, routers and 6500, 5000, 3500, and 2900 switches spanning all of Dallas/Ft. Worth and including T1’s, DS3’s, and Metro Ethernet, with Layer 3 routing protocols EIGRP, OSPF, BGP and Layer 2 Spanning Tree, RSTP and MRSTP
• Designed and implemented many city Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Wireless networks extending core city network services to remote city facilities These projects utilized products from Motorola, Cisco, DragonWave, BridgeWave, FireTide, BelAir Networks, Tropos Networks, SkyPilot, RuggedCom, and RadWin
• Design and implemented many security video surveillance systems for cities including Mesh wireless. These projects utilized products from FireTide, BridgeWave, OnSSI, Sony, DotWorkz, SuperMicro, Cisco, RuggedCom and Dell.
• Designed and implemented multiple citywide wireless 802.11 mesh systems for both public and public safety use. These projects utilized products from Tropos, SkyPilot and BelAir Network
• Designed, implemented, and monitored WebMD's X.25 Dialup medical claims processing system that handles 20k to 50k calls a day nationwide.
• I performed comprehensive customer needs analysis, conducted both diagnostic and proscriptive solution presentations, conducted equipment trials, active monitoring and response to network outages, negotiated terms with customers and vendors.

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