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ghanibhutto has commented on SPA942 PhoneInRecoveryMode after trying to update to firmware 5.2.5

3 years 11 months ago
Dear sir SPA962 in SOS Recovery Mode problem with Linksys SPA942, it is in...

ghanibhutto has commented on SPA962 in SOS Recovery Mode

3 years 12 months ago
problem with Linksys SPA942, it is in recovery mode, when i started to...

ghanibhutto has commented on Cisco IP Phone 9971 Video Call

4 years 2 days ago
i have ip phone spa942 due to problem in firmware i have upgraded it now the...

ghanibhutto has created Problem in ip phone

4 years 4 days ago
I have IP-Phone SPA942 i have upgraded the fireware now phone is in recovery...


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