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javi_cesp commented on How Does NAT-T work with IPSec? in VPN 3 years ago

The NAT-D just apply if exist a device that make just PAT? If there is a device that apply NAT 1 to...

javi_cesp commented on Corrupt pcf file how to prevent in Other Security Subjects 3 years ago

Hi everybody!I have the same problem but the version that we are using is the Somebody...

javi_cesp commented on Access list + security level IOS 9.1 in Firewalling 3 years ago

Thank you very much Jouni for your quick answer!Is there an official documentation about this? I...

javi_cesp commented on Packet RESET don't pass through ASA in Firewalling 3 years ago

Hi JouniFirst at all thank for your response.This connection is originated by a server from the...

javi_cesp commented on Single IP Failover Pair in Firewalling 4 years ago

Zujalal,I didn't understand why is going to be a problew if you are using dynamyc routing and you...


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