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jeff.kish has commented on 4500x airflow; can you swap out fans and power supplies to reverse it? 5 days 20 hours ago
Heya Jim :)I had always understood them to be FRU.  Check out figures 4-6...
jeff.kish has commented on Encrypted ports in 6120XP 5 days 20 hours ago
Hi Manny!  Welcome to UCS :)First, you're looking at some outdated...
jeff.kish has commented on UCS private-vlans 6 days 8 hours ago
Well, nevermind, it seems I had a misconfiguration in VMware.  User error...
jeff.kish has created UCS private-vlans 6 days 8 hours ago
Hey all,I'm doing some UCS studying and I'm trying to understand how...


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