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I'm a Networking Engineer. Finished my studies in 2007. I studied through CCNA and CCNP in the Cisco Network Academy. This was for Routing and Switching.

I have worked at my local ISP since 2008.

I manage, configure and design current and new business customer networks.

Emphasis is on the Security and more specifically in Firewall and VPN services.

I've worked with PIX, ASA and FWSM.

Also used some C6500 and C7600 series devices VPN modules.

Some of my work requires me to configure our local MPLS network to connect the customer sites together and give them access to different services such as VPN, Datacenter Servers, etc

Currently I'm mostly working on migrating environments out of older firewall hardware and software.

I joined the Cisco Support Community to both receive and give help with Cisco devices/configurations.

I pretty much only participate on the Security section of the CSC and in there mainly on Firewall and VPN section.

I find that participating CSC has teached me a lot of small things I have never known about. It also gives me great ideas/opportunities to test network setups that I might have not even think about if I hadnt heard about it here.


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