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4 часа 52 минуты назад
Errrr ... I've never seen this happen before but could you replace your...
4 часа 53 минуты назад
Only one?  The answer is no.   Because if I was smart, i would...
4 часа 54 минуты назад
Won't make a difference.  802.11a/b/g/n/ac ... at the end of the day,...
7 часа 3 минуты назад
I'm wandering if or how I should disabled 802.11ac on selected AP's...
7 часа 28 минуты назад
Cisco 819 Integrated Services Routers with 3G and Wi-Fi Accessories Data Sheet
7 часа 30 минуты назад
If your clients and LAN are 1 Gbps capable then why use 10/100 switches? ...
8 часа 41 минуты назад
Cisco 819 4G LTE M2M Gateway Integrated Service Routers Data Sheet
10 часа 48 минуты назад
IF there is no settings on each of the AP then the Global settings will take...
17 часа 25 минуты назад
If you are staying in the same IOS version, then you are allowed to download...
19 часа 14 минуты назад
An EEM script or a TCL script supports a "delay".  An EEM script...
19 часа 54 минуты назад
Well i found that I'm missing the html directory in the IOS directory,...
19 часа 57 минуты назад
Duplicate thread.  Go HERE.
19 часа 59 минуты назад
Non line of site NO line-of-sight?  You'll need to "bounce...
20 часа 1 минута назад
My honest opinion, is I can't determine if it's the SFP or the fibre...
20 часа 2 минуты назад
'boot system flash' means via sup-bootdisk? Nope.  "boot...
20 часа 3 минуты назад
The cable has been tested to be good and the cable works without the power...
1 день 5 часа назад
1 день 7 часа назад
A proxy server will be of great help.
1 день 10 часа назад
8505 input errors, 340 CRC, 0 frame, 0 overrun, 0 ignored Very obvious...
1 день 10 часа назад
Duplicate thread. Go HERE.
1 день 10 часа назад
Duplicate thread. Go HERE.
1 день 19 часа назад
Duplicate thread.  Go HERE.
2 дня 5 часа назад
Which Power Injector model is suitable for Cisco CAP2702E-N-K9 access point...
2 дня 8 часа назад
No (legitimate) device will show you what the password is.  It is OK to...
2 дня 8 часа назад
Not enough basic troubleshooting provided to warrant any investigation.  
2 дня 8 часа назад
Can any one confirm the issue with this AP when connected on other switch...
2 дня 8 часа назад
Read this:  Using a TFTP Server to Return to a Previous Release
2 дня 10 часа назад
A question regarding 3020 blade switch, tried to create ether channel on it...
2 дня 10 часа назад
No, none.
2 дня 11 часа назад
I would have 4 interfaces - Ge1/0/25, Ge1/0/26, Te1/0/1, Te1/0/2 ? and if i...
2 дня 12 часа назад
Is it ok placing the AP and controller in the same vlan ?. What would be...
2 дня 12 часа назад
Check your config if there is a config line like this:  errdisable...
2 дня 19 часа назад
Console into the AP and find out.  You could have a routing issue or cable...
2 дня 19 часа назад
Thank you for the update.  Happy to see everything works.  ...
2 дня 19 часа назад
q1) I have only 2 SFP/SFP+ interfaces per switch, why is it showing 4...
3 дня 5 часа назад
Q1) I believe the 1 x FastEthernet interface is the management interface (it...
3 дня 8 часа назад
Must be a bug.  Try a more stable IOS, like 3.6.X.
3 дня 13 часа назад
What can be done as far on the management side to see when an AP goes down...
4 дня 13 часа назад
f i keep wlc at access layer , would it be bad idea ? Very bad idea....
4 дня 13 часа назад
Is VS-S720-10GE-3C compatible with 4C cards? Can a DFC3C be added to WS-...
4 дня 16 часа назад
If that is the case , what is the purpose of acl in WLC ACL function in...
4 дня 16 часа назад
VS-S720-10GE-3C Means DFC3C.     Check the module.  DFC3C...
4 дня 16 часа назад
CleanAir's role is not to examine WiFi.  CleanAir's role is to...
4 дня 16 часа назад
Reading through the documentation for stack configuration and master election...
5 дня 2 часа назад
Configured Country............................... CH - Switzerland This...
5 дня 4 часа назад
Post the complete output to the following commands:  1.  WLC:...
5 дня 7 часа назад
Understanding and Configuring Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) on Catalyst Switches
5 дня 9 часа назад
Common denominator is the 90 feet cable run could be faulty.  If it's...
5 дня 15 часа назад
about enable 802.11n the AP dont have this option Read THIS.
5 дня 15 часа назад
"sup-bootdisk" or "sup-bootflash" are the same.  They...


Been working with Cisco since 2000. 4 years experience with Nortel DPN and Passport. 4 years experience with UNISYS DCP 50 (I know, WTF is that!).

Currently, working with Cisco R&S and wireless ... and tinkering with Asterisk.

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