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mtbtrailcarver commented on Route from VRF to GRE tunnel out a NAT'd WAN link in WAN, Routing and Switching 5 months ago

I actually figured this out this morning. There were two issues here. 1. When the tunnel interface...

mtbtrailcarver commented on IOS FW Zone Question in LAN, Switching and Routing 5 months ago

Short depends. I'm assuming your setup is Inside nets -> 0/0 Router 0/1 -> ASA -...

mtbtrailcarver commented on NAT overload multiple outside IPs to various VRF's in WAN, Routing and Switching 6 months ago

Sure! Couple updates though... I kept pounding at it this weekend and think I have a working model...


Your average, everyday, guy who loves his family, his Jeep, his motorcycles and the outdoors. At work I spend entirely too much time sniffing packets, browsing logs, and making sense of ip flows.

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