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Nathan Parker became Mallard Computer, Inc.’s President/CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Directors after he founded the corporation with attorney Janie Evins back in April 2008. He is a native of Hot Springs, Arkansas, and now lives in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains. In addition to his corporate leadership, he also serves as the WeatherBug Backyard Sr. Anchor for the North Georgia Mountains and administrates the new WeatherBug Backyard Community. Parker, who was seventeen at the time of founding Mallard Computer Inc., is the son of Bruce and Faye Parker and was homeschooled through the A Beka Academy DVD program. He is pursuing a doctor’s degree in ministry through Luther Rice Seminary, and he is also a ten-year national member of the NFSM with his piano teacher, Barbara Dodson (wife of piano technician Charles Dodson), an NWS CWOP member, a member, and a registered Apple Developer Connection member, as well as a registered developer for other desktop and mobile platforms.

Parker, a devout Christian, has also had years of experience with Bible software platforms such as Logos Bible Software, and has plans to develop some technological advancements for the Bible software industry in the future. He is excited about his leadership position at Mallard Computer, Inc., and wants to use it to glorify God and take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world. Parker states that he has founded his corporation on a Biblical principle from Charles Stanley, “Obey God and leave all the consequences to Him.” That’s exactly how he plans to run Mallard Computer Inc.

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