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Richard Burts has commented on site to site vpn doesn't work between fortigate and asa 8 hours 19 min ago
It looks like you are encountering the problem in the ISAKMP phase 1...
Richard Burts has commented on 3750 with Shoretel Phones 12 hours 59 min ago
The configuration that you show us with an access vlan for data and a voice...
Richard Burts has commented on Telnet/SSH Connection to Switch 13 hours 35 min ago
Thank you for the additional information. The output of arp -a does show that...
Richard Burts has commented on Tunnel with IP Address on ASR1002/ASR1006 2 days 9 hours ago
Has the original poster perhaps configured WCCP on his router? In some...
Richard Burts has commented on eigrp originating router question 3 days 5 hours ago
The field for originating router is based on the router ID of the router that...
Richard Burts has commented on ACL with Inter Vlan 3 days 14 hours ago
Dinesh Chavan Based on what you have told us one solution would be to...
Richard Burts has commented on Do OSPF Loopbacks all have to be in the same area? 3 days 14 hours ago
Thanveer is technically correct that it is possible for a router to have all of...
Richard Burts has commented on If VLAN 1 is the native VLAN, then does that mean thier can only be one? 5 days 8 hours ago
Let us start by being clear that the concept of native vlan is related to a...
Richard Burts has commented on Input errors and runts 5 days 9 hours ago
One thing that can produce runts is a mismatch of duplex settings. I see that...
Richard Burts has commented on question in asa default rule that say "any less secure network" 1 month 1 week ago
It sounds like you are attempting to write an access list to restrict traffic...


I have worked with Cisco equipment for 20 years. I've designed and supported small to large networks, as well as taught many Cisco courses. (I'm CCSI #94069 and originally certified in 1994). My background is primarily Route and Switch and my interests include security and VPN technology.
Originally, I started reading and posting to network forums as
one mechanism to help me ramp up for my CCIE certification (#4615 which I earned in 1999). Now I use the forums to help keep me sharp in various technical areas as well as to help others. I like contributing, and I find I can answer
a bunch of the questions quickly. For the 'harder' questions,
I personally get a great deal of satisfaction from digging into
topics that I haven't refreshed on for awhile.
I really enjoy working for Chesapeake Netcraftsmen, they are a
great group of fun and smart people (including 10 CCIEs).
We have consulting and training expertise in high-end routing
and design, switching, VoIP, QoS, MPLS, network management,
security, IP multicast, course and lab development, and other

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