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rfrome has commented on DX80 content sharing with Cisco Jabber

2 weeks 14 hours ago
Thanks for the reply Joe. I'd think that ports being blocked would block the...

rfrome has created DX80 content sharing with Cisco Jabber

2 weeks 15 hours ago
Should I be able to share content from a DX80 to Jabber for Windows? When in a...

rfrome has commented on CUCM IM / Jabber report statistics

2 weeks 2 days ago
Rob, Hi, the Bug lists versions 10.5(2) and 9.1(2). Is there reporting in...

rfrome has created DX80 Public mode - Voicemail

3 weeks 14 hours ago
HI, When the DX80s are in public mode, you can add voicemail as an account,...

rfrome has created Reporting for Jabber IM&P

3 weeks 4 days ago
Hi, Does Cisco or any third party have any tools that are able to gather...


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