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Rob Huffman has commented on Cisco 8831 and CM 8.5.1 9 hours 37 min ago
Hi Chris, Here we go  1. Exactly 2. Apply to Pub then TFTP...
Rob Huffman has commented on IP Phone 7900 series 9 hours 51 min ago
Hi Rizwan, Are these phones using Headsets by any chance? If so, it may be...
Rob Huffman has endorsed an answer on CME licensing. 9 hours 56 min ago
Hi Angel,Regrding the last CUCME ordering guide (CUCME 9.1 jan 2013):http://www...
Rob Huffman has commented on NM-1V compliant voice interface cards 10 hours 4 min ago
Hi John, The full compatibility info can be found here; http://www....
Rob Huffman has commented on Emergency Services 13 hours 54 min ago
Hi Martyn, I believe that only the 8.0 - 8.7 versions (and earlier) have...
Rob Huffman has commented on 7921/7925 Active Load shows Unknown on CUCM 9.1 1 day 9 hours ago
Hi Fei, Just to add a note to the good tips from my buddy Aman (+5!) ...
Rob Huffman has commented on Which solution for small business 1 day 12 hours ago
Hi Bill, Just an FYI in addition to the good notes from Chris &...
Rob Huffman has commented on Single Voicemail for Multiple DNs 2 days 11 hours ago
Hi Derrick, There are a number of ways to address this issue :) This...
Rob Huffman has commented on Known Issues 3 days 10 hours ago
Hey Amir, Thanks for checking in on me my friend! I am not completely...
Rob Huffman has created My vote of confidence for the new CSC experience 1 month 1 week ago
Hi Team,As a person who has worked in IT for many years I realize some of the...


I've been working in the Telecom industry for many years most of which have been spent quite happily at my current position at Mount Royal University located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We made the move to Cisco Unified Communications a few years back and that is when I discovered the Cisco Support Community - formerly "NetPro" forums. I've learned a great deal from all the fantastic members here and made some nice friends along the way. It's been a real pleasure to see the Community grow in such an awesome way and I'm looking forward to see where this all goes in the future. Keep up the great work everyone! Thanks to all!

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