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Savelin Kralev commented on UC560 CUE will not Initialize in Voice Systems 5 years ago

See the following

Savelin Kralev commented on How can a manager monitor calls in a B-ACD que(s)? in Voice Systems 5 years ago

Hi You could make the following:Monitoring Cisco Unified CME B-ACD Service The following tasks may...

Savelin Kralev commented on Connect UC540 with SPA8800 for extra FXO ports in Voice Systems 5 years ago

Hi MoeAccording to me It is better to take router like 2801 or 2811. You could add up to 4 FXO...

Savelin Kralev commented on Is there a way to enable transcoding using the CCA. in Voice Systems 5 years ago

The conference will not help. If you enable conference the CCA will create profile dspfarm...


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