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Surendra BG ( 2 X CCIE #40194 - Wireless and Service Provider) has 5+ years of experience in Cisco Systems and in Wireless technology. Currently holds CCIE in Wireless and Service Provider followed by CCNP Wireless/ R&S, CCDP Certifications. Surendra is currently the Team Lead for the Wireless team in the Asia Pacific Back-Bone Technical Assistance Center (TAC) in Bangalore, India. Surendra has presented deep dive Technical Sessions on Troubleshooting Wireless LANs in Cisco Live Multiple times which is an industry leading event. He holds a B.E in Electronics and Communication from VTU. Surendra has authored many documents on Cisco website on many advanced topics in Wireless.

Specialties: CCIE Wireless, CCIE Service Provider, CCNA R&S, WIRELESS , CCNP R&S , Wireless , CCDA, CCDP

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