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Nov 17th, 2007


We are having a project wherein we have two 6509E's with ACE, content switching module and FWSMs. As i not at all familiar with content switching module and ACE, i was looking for some sample scenarios and configurations, but unable to find anything much useful.Could someone please provide some url's for smaple scenarios and configs?

Thanks in advance.


I have this problem too.
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Roble Mumin Sat, 11/17/2007 - 02:25


i just finished implementing an ACE over FWSM design which seems to work without trouble so far. I am not sure if you will find a document which describes interaction between those modules . You will probably end up with checking out the docs for each blade and conf 'em together afterwards.

Once you get the hang for the ACE the probably most challenging part will be getting your L3 Design straight.

Anyhow what i have a bit experience with so far is following design.

Client <===> Sup720 <===> FWSM <===> ACE <===> Server

Thinks you should keep in mind is the L2/L3 parts of your design you want to make the blades authoritative for.

You have transfer network(s) between the Sup720's MSFC and the FWSM and you probably have xfer network(s) between the FWSM and the ACE. So an approach i took was to separate the vlan-groups into FWSM only, ACE only and shared ACE/FWSM Vlans.

With that in mind you can probably get a setup quite fast if you are taking the "routed" approach. With bridging maybe someone else can offer a better advice.

Regarding the CSM i have no experience at all so maybe Gilles or Syed have better input.



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