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MPLS Deployment

Hi to the group.

In MPLS based VP's, my understanding is that I could offer bandwidth guarantees between two sites that require connectivity, Something similar to layer 2 techniques. Could I be enlightened on how I could ensure comitted bandwidth between two sites that are part of a corporate Intranet on my MPLS core. Assuming a customer requires VPN connectivity between US & UK with a bandwidth requirement of 2 Mbps, Is it possible to offer comitted bandwidth of 2 Mbps for this customer. Is it possible to achieve bandwidth guarantees on a per customer basis.

Thanks in advance.



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Re: MPLS Deployment

If you only want to guarantee bandwidth on IP-only MPLS platform,you can use ip-based qos feature like CAR,WRED,CBWFQ,and so on.

If your SP platform is IP+ATM,you can use per-vc COS to guarantee bandwidth.

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Re: MPLS Deployment

I have worked on the service provider platforms

namely the 6400, which does not support ATM COS

currently. Unfortunately, the only way to guarantee COS in an IP+ATM world is if you route some

traffic over VBR-RT .vs. ABR or UBR circuits.

IP TOS is great at the edge but if the core does not

honor it, you lose your QOS.

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