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New Member

L2L VPN Nat and relation to DNS

So I had this topic on my mind today and dont know how to answer it or what to do.

If I have an ASA L2L VPN with another ASA and I have overlapping subnets and cant change the subnets, I need to access resources in both subnets. Ok so I need to if my subnets that overlap are the remote ASA will NAT their side as they have agreed, but what if I have a DNS zone for that remote subnet....this will not work right?

My addresses will be looking for an address of lets say which then translates to after it crosses the remote ASA. But from a local subnet standpoint the record for the host they need to access is still a address? So I would have to re-address every record in DNS to coresponding NATed address?                  

New Member

L2L VPN Nat and relation to DNS

Does anyone have any info this?

If I have two networks with L2L VPN tunnel that share the same DNS lookup zone and both networks are overlapping and I have to NAT one, how do hosts in one subnet access hosts in the other NATed network with FQDN?

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